Visijax Yellow Cycling Jacket w. LED Indicators


Motion-Activated LEDs | Ships Free

Its the most visible motion-activated cycling jacket on the road today. Shop the Award-Winning Visijax Commuter Jacket at Cruiser Republic. We now carry this amazing waterproof safety jacket online, exclusively in North America.

Size Guide

  • Hi Vis, Waterproof & Warm
  • Zipped front pockets, zipped tail pouch
  • Internal phone pocket
  • Adjustable toggle tighteners
  • Reflective Velcro® cuffs
  • Inner mesh lining
  • Reflective front zip, Reflective safety strips
  • Studded and flap air vents
  • Fleece collar
  • ICEid Tag to assist in an emergency
  • Generous-cut sizing XS–XXL (see size chart)
  • Black or Hi-Vis Yellow
  • 12-months warranty

Simply raise your arm to indicate your turn as you would normally and the built in LED's light-up on the sleeve, displaying your turn to the traffic around you. The LED's switch off automatically after 10 seconds, allowing you to safely complete your turn with both hands on the handlebars; the entire process is controlled by body movement.

Where is the battery pack?

The battery may need to be charged prior to use. If it works ‘out-of-the-bag’, continue to use it until the LED's no longer operate. If the battery is not powering the lights when you receive the item, just plug it into any USB-enabled plug (or your computer). Once charged, plug the battery into the jacket by locating the correct socket (marked on the battery) and attaching the ribbon cable with a black multi-pin connector, found in the small pocket on the inside of the jacket on the right-hand side (as you’re wearing it).

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts around 20 hours or more at normal usage.

How do I wash the product?

A Visijax jacket can simply be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of 30 degrees. DO NOT use bleach on the jacket. Before washing, make sure the battery has been removed! After being washed, let the jacket drip dry. DO NOT attempt to wring the jacket or put it in the tumble dryer. DO NOT try to iron the jacket! All washing instructions can be found on the tag inside the jacket.

The Jacket is flashing very rapidly – what does this mean?

The rapid flash has been designed to let the wearer know that the battery requires recharging. All you need to do is attach the battery to the USB cable that was supplied with the jacket (probably still in the tail pocket under the red LED's on the back of the jacket) and connect to a USB-enabled plug or laptop. Charge for a few hours until the light on the battery turns green. Each flash mode should then operate as normal. If the ‘slow-fast-constant’ mode sequence is not operating as usual, please email: with details and description of item.

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