Touring Townie Handlebar Bag

Green Guru / Alchemy Goods

Made in USA | Upcycled

Hip, eco-friendly and practical. The Townie bar bag works as a lunch bag, mini beer fridge or as stylish glove compartment for your bike. Practical and stylish. Available in assorted colors. Fits any handlebar.

Capacity: 237.5 cu in. (3.8 L) | Weight: 6.5 oz

Upcycled Banners, 10oz Vinyl Waterproof Tarp, Nylon Webbing and Hardware, Nylon Fabrics and Hook & Loop

9.5 L x 5 H x 5 D in. (241 x 127 x 127 mm)

About Eco-Friendly Alchemy Goods

Alchemy Goods from Visual Quartet on Vimeo.

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