Cruiser Republic Gift Cards

Cruiser Republic

No Fees | No Expiry

Struggling to gift a friend, relative or significant other with some accessories, clothing or even a bike? Give them the freedom of choice with a Cruiser Republic digitally downloadable E-Gift Card.

Our Gift Card is sent to you via email to redeem instantly at checkout. There is no expiry date and no processing fee. Its super easy and convenient. Perfect for birthdays, holidays or any days.

The $25 card is a great choice for someone that needs safety accessories such as a bell or light, grip tape, spare tires, tubes or a pump.

The $50 card is perfect for street fashionable tees, hats, beanies, bike gloves or a fixie wheel set.

The $100 card is our most popular and most folks get cruiser boards, wheel sets, cranks and generally gifts for someone that already has a bike and may want to sexy it up.

The $250 card lets you choose a Fatboy mini BMX or a technical jacket like the Visijax.

The $500 card is definitely about gifting a bike for that special someone who you'd love to take riding with you. our stunning new Sol Cal fixed gear bikes fall well within this price point.

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