Ballard Men's Belt for Men or Women

Green Guru / Alchemy Goods

Eco Friendly | Made in USA

This Belt is made from reclaimed bike inner tubes and is one of our best sellers. Its style is somewhere between street and funky, and its crafted for long-lasting durability from two layers of reclaimed bicycle inner tubes.

The highlight stitching allows the belt to stretch just enough for comfort, but the rubber construction ensures the belt won't stretch out permanently over time. Vegan, leather-free and includes a sharp looking, removable brushed steel buckle.

Looks great on or off your bike, and think about this: your belt could be a tire you ditched ages ago. Have fun!

  • Sm (waist size 24-28 inches)
  • Md  (waist size 28-32 inches)
  • Lrg  (waist size 32-36 inches)
  • Xlg (waist size 36-40 inches)
  •  Made from: Reclaimed bike tubes
  •  Belt height: 1.25 – 1.5 inches.
  •  Removable brushed steel buckle included
  •  Care: Hand wash with warm soapy water, towel of air dry
  •  measure around your waist where your pants normally ride. Find your size.
  •  if converting from jeans, add 3-4 inches to jeans waist length to find belt size.

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