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Great Scooter

My son was really happy with his new scooter and everything was as promised

The bicycle 🚲 it’s great!

Super light!

This is a great scooter! The scooter is fast and light. It is very well built. My son is very happy with it!

Super fresh!!! Paint slightly crap but the manufacture on point!!!

awesome bike, not hard to assemble just need a different sized Allen key from the one provided in the box - looks great on the road too!

First off, I’m an avid cyclist and I’ve built my own bikes from the frame up so I do have a good sense for bikes. I bought this as a city commuter because I grew too nervous locking up my nicer builds on shady parts of town. What was meant as a steal-me-if-you-must bike has really exceeded my expectations. It’s a well thought out build and I love the efficiency of the single speed. This thing really moves and the steel has the perfect amount of give - efficient but forgiving on tough streets. It’s far from perfect though. The wheels were not entirely true, which could have easily been done. And I’ve gotten my first pinch flat as the tires are pretty cheap as well. So no, nothing like my more prized bikes. But for $250 I cannot complain. The next nicer bikes seem to come in over 400 and all the similarly priced ones don’t come with sealed bearings (as this one does). For all these reasons it’s Well worth the money.

For it's price point, this is really as good as you can get.I have the 63 cm frame. I am 6'3"-6'4" and it fits perfectly. I've had to ride on 58 cms before, and it always felt too small. So sizing is on point for someone my height.I'm quite familiar with bikes, so I put this together myself rather than have someone set it up for me. (Completion time was about an hour with fine tuning)- The frame is simple, clean, and looks good.- The petals are actually better than I anticipated, but might still be the first thing I'd think about replacing.- The crank set is sturdier than I expected as well. Too many times I've seen bikes in similar price ranges with the flimsiest looking crank set. This looks like a solid bit of metal that looks like it can handle a bit more abuse than your standard run-of -the-mill sub-250 dollar hardware.- The rims are generic Deep Vs. The wheels were pretty true out of the box.- The tires are a better quality than I was expecting as well.- The seat is basic and hard, so your buns will take a few days to get used to it, but the seat functions as well as I need it to.- The grips are generic, and this is the first thing I swapped out. Without gloves, the thick protrusions on the grips are kind of annoying. I put on new grips that feel a bit smoother but offer equal if not better grip.- The brakes function well enough. They don't stop on a dime, but that's nothing a little more love and care can fix.- The handle bars are exactly what you expect

For the price, this bike is rad. Picked it up as a commuter for the city and it rips. If youre not a professional mechanic you could probably figure out how to build it but i would recommend having a shop build it or have it assembled by their mechanics at golden cycle. Super rad bike! Hella stoked on it! Works great and is a perfect commuter through the city!

Entry level single speed or fixed bike. Can't go wrong. Solid delivery in great condition.

get what you pay for. but all in all great bike for riding around campus

About what I expected. Basic bike for a basic price.

Very nice fixie bike for the price. Recieved bicycle fairly quick after placing order. Bicycle was packaged securely in bubble wrap and foam. The bicycle was fairly easy to put together and also came with most tools you need to assemble besides missing one allen wrench. If your looking for a sharp looking, reliable, and easy on your wallet single speed I suggest this bicycle from Golden Cycles. :)

This bike is fantastic can't argue with the price I paid it is a great bike

So the bike itself is amazing!! Comfortable and easy to assemble. Thank you so much!

I mean, it's not a bad bike. Nothing great. You can tell where they skimp on quality. Plastic pedals, for example. Still I good buy. Came in on time, as well.

I'm pretty happy with this bike already. I quite like it. It is LIGHT. Simple, and well planned. Moves well. Nothing to really go wrong.Only REAL negative: Not a thick or hardened paint job. USE A PLASTIC TOOL to remove and replace the tubes or you WILL scrape off the paint on the wheel. (I used a plastic Walmart paint brush.) I STILL think it is a good value though time will tell.

Easy to assemble, using as my main ride for commuting. Wonderful to ride, simple to maintain.

Cant go wrong

Entry level single speed or fixed bike. Can't go wrong. Solid delivery in great condition.

For a $250 bike you can't do much better. Solid Frame, paint job, wheel build, and packaging. The cranks, chainring, cog and tires are all pretty cheap, but that's what makes this a great bike to start building and upgrade

good bike the only thing is that the brakes squeak to much while i brake.but amazing bike

Great bike for the money! Came mostly assembled; just the handlebars, front wheel, front brake, and pedal to install- easy peasy! Freaky fast shipping- received it in approximately three days. Super lightweight, the components look solid, color is beautiful!

Frame had some defective welding but manufacturers sent me a new frame.

My kid is in love with this bike.. Great quality and super fast shipping..


Perfect...changed front wheel to mag...and changed front brake to rear brake...Perfect