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Our Story

Cruiser Republic is the new online store for the urban cyclist. Founded with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for solutions, the company provides stylish commuter cycling essentials, city bikes, fixies, bike bags, panniers, and cycling apparel for current and future everyday riders.

Every Idea Starts with a Problem

In North America, brothers and cyclists-in-arms Bill & Pete Greenbaum saw that commuting to work on bicycles was becoming more than a trend. It was a popular movement. The wheels started to turn. Established in 2015, Cruiser Republic is a family-owned site, dedicated to sharing the beauty, health benefits and fun of everyday cycling.

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Why Shop With Us

We know bikes and gear because we're avid commuters ourselves and we've got great connections to the best products around the globe. Next, we're up-to-date, visiting the visionaries who are driving the world of cycling. Thirdly, we won't jam stuff down your throat because we learned long ago that our job is not only to sell, but to educate people. An informed cyclist with positive choices is a happy cyclist. And lastly, we guarantee everything we sell.

We've got an Itch

To give back, because we firmly believe cycling can change the world, healthy-wise, education-wise and environment-wise. We are one of the few online stores that has established a not-for-profit based around kids and bikes, and re-directed a significant percentage of revenue into our charity called Billy's Bikes for Honduras.

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Why We're Better than the other guys

1. We only sell bikes and gear that we like and know that you'll like too: Our competition wants to sell you everything ever made - even if it's poorly made or outdated. When customers order a product like that, they get frustrated when they aren't happy. It's a big problem we'll help you avoid.

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2. Cruiser Republic is a small company: Just like riding a bike, we're flexible, we can swerve, miss the potholes and take tight corners. Being small lets us offer you the most affordable prices, provide better service, and also give you the top-notch experience that larger internet sites can't compete with.

3. Fast and Free Shipping on All Orders over $50: We're experienced and we know the shipping game. Every order you place is tax exempt, unless you live in Illinois.

4. We actually have a return policy that's hassle-free: Our 90-Day Return Policy covers everything and we won't nickle-and-dime you with extra charges and fees.

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