Why We Love City Bikes

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These days as more bikes lanes open up across the nation, there's a certain sense of freedom about exploring different neighborhoods by peddling from one area of the city to another in relative comfort and safety.

The magic of riding a bike allows you to interact in a more immediate way with the rich sights and smells of the cityscape which is very different from passively gazing through window glass. You can’t help but feel more satisfied.

A European city bike or just simply a city bike is the perfect choice. It is a bicycle purposely designed for short distance inner city rides where the terrain is relatively flat.

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City bikes comes in lots of different styles and colour combinations but the main thing about them is they are built for comfort not speed with a practical purpose in mind.

Most come fully loaded with accessories like baskets, lights, racks and fenders -- basically everything you need to make the commute fun and comfortable.

Fenders prevent rain from spraying your clothes, racks help you carry everything from laptops to beers or coffee, and the light sets front and rear make a difference at night on your way home after work.

The comfort element comes from a wider saddle, angled-back handlebars and a frame design that sits the rider on the bicycle in an upright position, which takes pressure off the arms and shoulders.

Angled-back Handlebars and Internal Gears - Shop Urban Bikes at Cruiser RepublicWhilst the city bike isn't very aerodynamic it is the best choice for people that commute to work everyday, and boy in Amsterdam do they know this well. Dutch bikes are the most sought after because daily demand has pushed bike builders to very high standards of quality and design.

One interesting side note, European bikes are generally built tougher to withstand year-round outdoor storage. To deter theft and vandalism, these bikes have a steel frame, and a rear-wheel lock.

In summary, city bikes are utility bikes, able to accommodate a wide range of loads, clothing,and road and weather conditions. They provides hop-on-and-go ability, with no "gearing-up" process.

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