Why Biking Is Better Than Running

by Cruiser Republic June 06, 2017

Why Biking Is Better Than Running


All of us know about the benefits of being active and how regular exercise increases our quality of life and health status. Medical research shows how exercise can protect us from diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, obesity and other mental disorders like depression and anxiety, for instance.

Nowadays biking and running are two of the most popular exercises in our urban jungle, but … do you know which benefits make biking the far better choice? Here are a list of points that will help you to choose a bicycle over a pair of running shoes.

Minimize the risk of injures

Cycling is a wonderful cardio activity but in comparison to running, it is a lower impact activity. If you have a sedentary lifestyle or overweight and you are starting to practice a new sport, the risk of injuries increases exponentially because your bones and joints are not prepared for the rigors of weight-baring activities - after a long period of inactivity. If you really want to stay out of the doctors office and keep your knees safe, start choosing low impact activities like cycling.

Running is more natural, but cycling is exciting

We learned to run when we were children, it is what came after we learned to walk, and many of us have erased that moment from our memory. But I am sure that most of us can still remember our first bicycle and that sense of freedom that we experienced when we cycled for the first time… no neighborhood could hold us back - we were unstoppable!! But we grew-up and we missed that amazing and exciting sensation. So leave your comfort zone and explore new areas around you, try curating new outdoor routes outside the city. Perhaps it is time to go shopping for a new bike or spruce up your beloved bike? Here are some of our new bikes to feed your temptations.

Easy to include in your daily routine

Let us take you on a visual journey. It is 8:55 am and you are arriving at your workplace sweating, with your running shoes and pants soaking wet (from the rainy Vancouver weather) because you have decided to run from your home to the office because you are too busy to do exercise after work. At the same time, you see your workmate arriving with a helmet, hanging up his backpack, and happy because he has just finished his daily workout and he can start working while you would need a shower and to change your clothes. This also means that you have to carry a change of shoes, clothes, make up and anything else you need to feel fresh and ready for a day at work!

Now try to imagine this same scenario when you go to meet with your friends, you go shopping or to university, for instance. Running is clearly incompatible with your daily schedule, while you can bike at any time of day without needing a shower after!


Everybody can practice it

To get into shape is a marvelous goal but not always a realistic short term goal and maybe your schedule only permits occasional exercising, so running may be just too hard and aggressive for your body.

But imagine that today it’s a wonderful spring morning and you have decided going out and doing exercise with your 2 children and your father in-law. It doesn’t matter! cycling is perfect for the whole family, groups of friends, or even couples, whether they are beginner or advanced athletes. You see, cycling is a highly inclusive sport as it doesn’t require high levels of physical skill so everyone can take value from their cycling experience. Each cyclist has the ability to adjust the intensity of their ride to their level of their fitness. Furthermore, it is an activity that can be by our side as we grow from a wee toddler to an aging grandparent - you will only need the bicycle adapted to your size.

Longer distances in shorter time

A marathon is one of the longest and hardest kind of competitions for runners. It is only for experts and advanced runners, and it takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete the 42 kilometers that this discipline demands. But, even if you were an expert runner your speed and resistance would always be at a disadvantage in comparison with a cyclist. Think that with a bicycle you can travel double the distance, spending the same time, and needing half the effort than a runner. As a cycler, your trips will be longer, more exhilarating and completely different each time, especially when you organize amazing daily long-way trips.


It’s a good investment

Biking or running are both good time-investments because they help you to stay healthy, but buying a bike will also be a good investment for your wallet if you use it for your daily commute. A bicycle is one of the cheapest modes of transportation but it’s also the most time-efficient, and you can combine it with the public transport system. Did you know that some studies show that regular carpoolers that shift from car to bicycle will increase their lifespan from 3 to 14 months? But there is one other one benefit, cycling is much better for the environment because is a greener form of transportation than driving your car.

A bike is more cool than running shoes

Let’s be honest, runners only need a pair of running shoes and cyclists only need a bicycle, but we love to buy all kinds of apparel and accessories. Our online store is an urban cyclists ‘Wonder land’ of excitement, customization choices are unlimited:

- Bikes: City bikes, track bikes, beach cruises, single speed bikes or fixed gear bikes
- Apparels: Pants, jackets, shoes
- Accessories: Helmets, lights and bells, storage and carrier solutions, bike saddles


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