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Lovelo Ladies Step Through Bikes 5-Spd Available at Unified4Adventure


Scene from the Saddle is happy to report that as each day brings us closer to Spring, more and more cyclists are taking to the streets with elegant bicycles. Sure, racing bikes are cool and their trim lines offer a svelte silhouette.

Lovelo Ladies 5-Spd Step Through Bike Shop Cruiser Republic Today!

But look around and you’ll notice an abundance of rides that allow for a more upright posture in the saddle.  That’s the kind of bike SFTS’s chief correspondent likes to use when he rides to work, or plays hooky and instead alights at the nearest café.

I digress. Take, for example, the Lovelo, a lovely step-through bicycle modeled after European bikes. You could ride this bike wearing a business suit and arrive unwrinkled.  There’s no need to swing a leg up and over to get going.  What could be more comfortable than that?  And you’re still getting exercise, being kind to the environment and upping your street cool.

The Lovelo delivers some luxury, vintage touches, too.  Leather grips, a 5-speed internally geared hub and saddle make this an elegant way to get around.

Sturmey Archer 5-Spd Shifter w. Vegan Leather Handlebar Grips

So if you’re looking to upgrade from the universal bike messenger look to a more polished and comfortable mien, step on to the Ladies’ Step-through.  It’s perfect for your posture. Best CR.

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