Our Thoughts on The Best Biking Gear of 2017

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With more people commuting by bike all the time, we'd thought we might share a few of our favorite, bike-centric gadgets that have all hit the market more more less late last year or early 2017. Come on then, lets have a look -

Road Runner Bags - The Americano $225

Road Runner Bags - Available at Cruiser Republic

At Cruiser Republic we ourselves carry Road Runner Bags (e.g. Medium Roll Top) as a matter of fact but as of yet we haven't brought in the American, which by all account is the company's newest addition to the line and also the largest by far. The company says its the most popular amongst couriers around the world. Its weatherproof and can take any beating you can dish out. At 100L, the main pocket is roomy enough for the biggest loads.

DHZ H20 Waterproof High-tops ($170)

DHZ Commuter Cycling Shoes - Shop Cruiser Republic Today!

DZR, the originators of the urban cycling shoe, recently introduced the H20, the first waterproof SPD high-top. The sole has a cutout for SPD cleats, so you can walk more easily, and the treated leather is waterproof for wet rides. A reflective heel badge also makes them a little more visible in the dark, and a power plate allows for pedal-mashing.

 Visijax Commuter Cycling Jackets - On Sale

Visijax Cycling Jackets

Rugged, washable 23 LED lights are built right into these new-on-the-market cycling jackets from the UK, and we stock several models of them and they have been selling quite well. The Visijax range includes the City Ace, Commuter and Highlight jackets, Gilet, Backpack, Backpack cover and Sports Belts, with a one-year warranty on all products. Its the brightest cycling jacket you will see. Here's a great video by The Guardian's bike blogger Peter Walker that explains what you need to know about the Visijax Cycling Jacket >> VIDEO

Smart Halo ($179)

SmartHalo intelligent Headlight - Cruiser Republic

At first glance, it’s unclear what the SmartHalo is, or what it does. The rider who owns one knows it does everything a bike computer can do, however, from tracking your speed and location to providing you with turn-by-turn directions. The Smart Halo does this subtly, using a glowing halo of LEDs to show you when and where to turn. When parked, the device serves as a locator, and at night its visible from over 500 meters away. In addition, it handles calls, messages, and other notifications, acting more like a bar-mounted phone assistant than a simple cycling computer.

Shoka Smart Bell ($100)

Shoka Smart Bell - Cruiser Republic

If you live in a city that requires a bell, then you might want to consider Shoka’s smart offering. The apt-titled Smart Bell packs eight different digital tones and features an automatic light that adjusts its brightness based on your surroundings. The device also features a tracker that shows turn-by-turn directions using lights located on the top panel, along with a magnetic mount that stays situated on your bike when parked. If your bike is moved, the smart bell will even blink and ring within a 250 meter radius. Shoka’s Kickstarter campaign just wrapped and the first models are supposed to go out to backers in March.

Connected Cycle (TBA) Conected Cycle - Cruiser Republic

Connected Cycle is designing a pedal for the 21st century. The company’s Indiegogo-backed pedals essentially function as pint-sized GPS units which automatically charge as ride, meaning you won’t have to worry about frivolous cables and outlets at the end of every ride. The Connected Pedals Solution is a great option  for clandestine bike protection, too, since they are not as obvious as handlebar-mounted tech. The pedals are still in production, but are set to launch anytime.


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