Stylish Ways to Store Your Bike Indoors

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Density and Condos. With most of us living and working downtown for lifestyle reasons, one challenge that many of us face is what to do with our precious and expensive bikes once we're home and hanging out. So where do you park that Carbon Fiber $3600 Cervello Tri-Bike? In the bike locker? Against the fridge or in your bedroom? Or how about your Lochside Lovelo City Cruiser? It's a stunner and certainly eye-catching but definitely not anyone in their right mind would leave outside around the corner chained to a lamppost? See where are we going with this?


But thanks to Swedish designer Karl Mikael Ling storing your bicycle in style is pretty much possible now with a simple stylish and cool looking home accessory hook called 'Pincher.'


Pincher Hook to Hang Your Bicicletta - Cruiser Republic


'Pincher' can now store your precious bike indoors on your wall using a safe and stylish solution that really works.


Using hook Pincher and upgrade your indoor design to a new level - Cruiser Republic



Pincher is simple and elegant. It's designed to hang and show off a bicycle in a small apartment. The sleek, minimalist design, helped by a simple geometry, makes the bike the most important object on the wall. The Pincher  hook is composed of two parts: a simple mounting plate routed from a solid block of aluminum and a steel wire bent to machine to support the bike up to 30 kilograms of weight. Both sides have a matte finish and the hook is padded polyurethane points of contact with the bicycle frame to prevent scratches or abrasions.


Approximately 80 Euros. Check it out here - and tell us where do you store your bike?

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