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City Cycling -- Safely

 Cruiser Republic celebrates the intrepid, the active, basically anyone who is willing to climb onto the saddle and pedal to their destination instead of driving a car.


These cyclists are part of our community, our own “republic”. We are deeply invested in the future of urban cycling for all of us, especially when it comes to safety. As with any form of transportation, there are plenty of rules to follow that will help protect cyclists, pedestrians and even motorists form harm.


Today’s topic? The “Door zone”.


The “door zone” is a three to four foot span that runs along the left side of a parked car. That’s the area where an opening car door can hit and seriously injure a cyclist.


When you ride in a bike lane, stick to the left side of the lane keep at least three feet away from parked cars on the street. If there is no room to safely pass an open car door and people exiting a car, take the full lane for yourself.


Here’s another safety tip: Look inside parked cars and check their side rearview mirrors as you pass. Then, move on, staying outside the “door zone”


When you maneuver outside the “door zone”, keep an eye out for traffic behind you. Make sure your bicycle has a mirror to help you watch out for hazards.


Remember, keep away from the “door zone” and maintain your “safety zone”.

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