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Scene from the Saddle #4

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Scene from the Saddle - Cruiser Republic The #1 Urban Cycling Lifestyle Store

The Value of Curating - -

Sitting at my desk on this cold, snowy Chicago morning, I’m grateful I don’t have to climb into a freezing car, start it up (hopefully) and sit in traffic, burning gas as I head downtown to overpay for parking.

I can ride my bicycle, stay warm while I do it, and easily stow it away once I arrive at my destination.


For the moment, I’m thinking about what we do here at Cruiser Republic. I ponder the word, “curate”.


My dictionary tells me that the secondary meaning is to select, organize, and look after items in (a collection or exhibition).


I like that.


At Cruiser Republic, we try to provide leading cycling accessories, quality fashions and equipment. We travel far and wide to secure the most forward-thinking pieces that we believe no urban cyclist should have to ride without.

In so many cities across North America, the act of riding a bicycle is undergoing a dramatic shift. The racing bikes that used to be so common are being replaced by sturdier hybrids with thicker tires to better withstand the potential hazards of deep winter conditions.


Check out our men’s Celestial II Single Speed Bike, or our Ladies’ City Bike in Misty Blue. These bicycles are designed for city riding, combining comfort and stability. How about the fixed brown bike shoe provided exclusively to CR by Quoc Pham? These shoes take you from your bicycle to the boardroom without missing a step.


They look great, too, but that’s just our curator’s way of saying that function doesn’t have to exist without style -- and that it’s fun to curate.


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