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Forum Member: Bill Greenbaum
Website: – A Lifestyle Store for the Urban Cyclist
Location: USA Head Office: Unit #2 – 2029 West Haddon Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60622 | CDN Head Office: 2743 2nd Avenue West, Vancouver, BC V6K 1K2
Cruiser Republic Founder Bill Grenbaum

How'd you first get interested in eCom?

As President of a pharmaceutical company in Vancouver, BC, I often crossed the border to Ferndale, WA to audit our warehouse. I quickly became depressed. Every time I traveled, I sorted things out to ship maybe 3 items and another company sharing the same space was sending out 45 orders over the net each day. I became so fascinated and hungry that one week later, I resigned on a Monday. By Friday, I founded my own eCommerce business. Eight years later (this past spring), I sold the company and I took the summer off to train for triathlons. I competed in August in the 60+ category and won.

What do you spend your time working on?

Right now, my time is ostensibly devoted to supplier research, carefully curating new products, then product up-loads and getting ready for the launch of CruiserRepublic this January, 2016. The forum has been indispensable to me. I’ve harnessed resources and read voraciously. It's everything. I’ve sucked dry every last morsel of wisdom I could find.

What resources or people do you regularly follow and can recommend?

Okay I’ll be honest - until the forum showed up, there was nothing. Zilch. Nada! In my city, there were a few worm-like meet-up groups filled with folks that salivated like wet dogs at the thought of getting a piece of business from you like SEM or SEO. Instead, I read articles from Practical eCommerce and followed a few key players on LinkedIn – and this is where the ‘eureka’ thing happened because I found the forum link from a connection. So in summary, I read Practical eCommerce, I follow LinkedIn and astutely judge meet-up groups in my local catchment area.

What's the strangest thing that's happened to you recently?

I’m 60 and married for the third time, and I now have a two-year old boy (Teo) and the whole experience of raising a kid after a 26 year hiatus is pretty wild, I would say. Also this past summer, I went to Savannah, Georgia and channeled Union General William Tecumseh Sherman. I sat at his desk on the second floor of the Green-Meldrim mansion, which was his headquarters in late December 1864, and was buzzed by some eerie yet comfortable feeling. I’m a US Civil War aficionado, you see, and I firmly believe that in a past life I was Sherman’s Aide-de-camp.

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