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Scene from the Saddle #2

It’s everywhere. Clinging to people’s bodies, stretching, holding things in place, and desperately trying to pass itself off as chic and super-comfortable.


Lyrca. Ugh.


Lycra Ugh! - Shop Cruiser Republic for Casual Spin Biks & Cycing ApparelUshered into the world by Dupont in 1958, the invention of this new yarn possessed a more complicated chemical structure than nylon and could stretch up to seven times its original length and still recover its shape. It became a great friend to women everywhere. After it revolutionized the hosiery market, it slithered its way into mainstream fashion. And now men are wearing it.


Double ugh.


At Cruiser Republic, we eschew Lycra. Why would you want to ride a bicycle, feeling like a sausage wrapped up in a micro-thin casing? And really, does anyone think Lycra clothing looks good on guys?


Thankfully, for those of us who pedal to work each day, there are easygoing, practical and great-looking alternatives to clothes made from Lycra.

If your goal is to look like you’re training for the Ironman, then a stretchy Lycra is for you.







If, however, you prefer to cycle with a little more pizzazz and comfort, check out Cruiser Republic’s Club Ride line of casual spin and office chic pants, shirts and jackets that will easily take you from bicycle to boardroom.


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