Pushing to pedal? The Choice is yours.

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You’ve noticed a lot of them recently. More and more people are riding bicycles. Whether grocery shopping, performing stunts or simply commuting to work, riding bikes has never been more popular or affordable.


It’s exercise that’s fun and easy on the environment. There is virtually a style of bike for every need. What’s yours?


Ready for Your Weekend Ride on Your City Bike - Cruiser Republic

First, ask yourself, “What’s my riding style?” Do you cycle on pavement or dirt trails? Are you a road racer or a city commuter?


If you travel on pavement, a bike lighter in weight is for you. Road bikes are a good fit for multiple pavement uses including long distance, commuter and fitness training. These bikes typically feature a more aerodynamic silhouette and are a good choice for speedy riders.


Mountain bikes feature shock-absorbing technology and a better braking system. They are ideal for flying over dirt trails, rocks and bumps along the way. A mountain bike is good for commuting because it can withstand the trauma of city potholes.


An increasingly popular bicycle is the comfort or hybrid model which works well on pavement and gravel or dirt roads. Best on flat surfaces, they offer bigger wheels for an extra-smooth ride.

Comfort bikes, which often feature a fixed gear usually have a wider tire and more comfortable seat. They are extra comfortable and affordable, perfect for city riding. They are considered an urban bike and allow riders to be more easily seen by motorists.


In the end, it’s about what feels most comfortable and matches your cycling needs. Check out Cruiser Republic for a wide a variety of bicycles, accessories and clothing.

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