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Bicycle Maintenance 101

Okay. You’ve acquired the bike of your dream - or at least the one that fit your budget.


Now that you’re riding everywhere, you need to know how to keep it in good operating condition. That means knowing how to properly clean your cycle, secure the bolts and lubricate key components.


Buyers Guides - Cruiser Republic Bike Maintenance 101

Think of it this way. Your bicycle is a collection of moving parts artfully and practically constructed to provide you with a comfortable and reliable riding experience. Dirt, mud and debris are the enemy. They get ingrained in places they shouldn’t and periodically need to be removed.


To clean your bicycle, use a damp cloth or rag as opposed to a high pressure hose which can cause damage. Clean your bike based on how where and how you ride it. Do you often pedal through mud and puddles? If so, your bike will require additional cleaning. If you can, stick to a cleaning schedule. Monthly works well for many riders. Make sure the rags you use are clean for both washing and drying.


For really difficult spots, use an environmentally friendly solvent.


Because your bicycle depends on nuts, bolts and screws to hold it together, it’s important to make sure they are properly secured. Don’t over tighten nuts and bolts, or you’ll strip them.

Finally, every once in a while let a pro take a look at your bike. A professional evaluation can save you money and potential injury down the road.






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