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Cycle to work? No sweat.

We Specialize in Cycling Apparel for the Everyday Urban Rider - Cruiser Republic

Any type of exercise has the potential to make you sweat. With more and more riders commuting to work each day, arriving looking clean and collected versus sweaty and disheveled is important. Typically, workplaces do not provide shower facilities. How then to look cool?

Dress appropriately. Dress lightly enough for the distance you’re riding. Humidity can be an issue and will make it tough not to sweat. Bring an extra shirt with you so you can change if necessary. Check out sports towels for drying off once you arrive at the office.


Once you get to work, take a couple of cool off laps around the parking lot. You cool down after a run, don’t you? Same with cycling.


Another trick is to slow down towards the end of your commute. If you can, hold a cold drink or ice pack against your head or neck for a quick cool down.


The ultimate technique to keep cool on your ride to work is your choice of outfit. Check out Cruiser Republic’s cycle-friendly clothing options to take you from bike to boardroom – looking as cool as you feel. CR’s variety of office-friendly bike shirts, pants, and shoes are comfortable, functional and stylish making it cool to commute.

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