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Advantages of Fixed Gear Bikes

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One of the great things about riding a bicycle is the variety of bikes available. Styles, colors, designs. Let's not forget affordability. There is something for everyone.

The fixed-gear movement is afoot. For many of us, who believe simple is best, that means riding a fixie. Fixies have been around a long time. There are plenty of folks who grew up riding fixies, totally comfortable with no gear changes.

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A fixie also encourages a better pedaling style. Pedaling a fixie draws a more direct transfer of power from leg to wheel. There’s no wasted energy. On other bikes, with the added parts of fully geared drive trains, energy is lost. The lack of a fully geared drive train means a fixie is lighter in weight.

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Another advantage? A fixie allows the rider to be more in tune with his or her cycling experience. There ‘s simply greater traction with a fixie. You feel more and maintain greater control. Sure, it takes a little time to get used to the braking system, but once you’ve got it, you’re good to go, I mean stop.

With fewer moving parts, a fixie typically requires far less maintenance. There is simply less that can go wrong. Besides, with so many cool designs and colors, fixies just look like more fun. Fixies may be the great egalitarian bicycle that levels the playing field for all cyclists. With no gears to depend on, or show off with, cyclists can commute in style with the assurance that one gear for all is not so bad.

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