How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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The Gear You Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse - Cruiser Republic

If I were forced to pedal through a gauntlet of zombies, hell-bent on devouring my flesh, the first thing I'd want is a decent helmet. I'm not sure how intelligent zombies are - weird that their brains seem to function even though they are always classified as the living dead. Anyway, while their brains may already be sub-functional, I intend to protect mine.

Brick Red Bike Helmet from XSMy go-to helmet would be the unisex Commuter Bike Helmet Brick Red from XS. This is a high-visibility noggin-protector. And because it's in a highly visible shade of Red, it really irritates and frightens zombies. Okay, okay, I made the last part up. But I have to believe any piece of protective equipment this lively looking just has to bother the living dead. At the very least, you'll stand out in traffic. At $69.95, you can't beat the price either.

Another challenge when faced with a Zombie Apocalypse is what outfit to wear? Eventually, you're going to ditch your wheels, and run screaming into a retro diner or bar, seeking help from the drooling monsters just behind you. Of course, zombies never seem to move that quickly, but they are relentless and just keep inching towards you.

Back to the diner. You run in seeking shelter and help. What are you wearing? Me? I'd wear the Club Ride Shift Bike Jeans. A denim look that combines cycling-specific performance with five pocket design and reflective accents. Not only will you be comfortable speeding way from zombie pursuers, you'll look great while you do it. Great value at $84.95.

Shift Bike Jeans - Best Use? Escaping Zombies - from Cruiser Republic

It's Sunday afternoon and you and your special other are enjoying a quiet romantic picnic. Suddenly, you become aware that there are others nearby. You have an uneasy feeling, and when the first zombie stumbles out of the brush, the two of you high-tail it out of there.

 Handcrafted Wine Carrier for Bicycles - Shop Cruiser Republic

Wait a minute! Were you just going to abandon that bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon? No way. Thanks to this Handcrafted Bicycle Wine Carrier attached to your bike, you can save the bottle for later when you really need it. This locally made wine carrier from R1 Creations is exclusively made for Cruiser Republic and it fits any bicycle. 

These are my picks for making it through the Zombie Apocalypse. Hopefully, the other survivors will be generous and share their food and water. Wait a minute. I still have a bottle of wine.

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